Founded in 2012, Avalon Capital Markets
offer a wealth of experience in cash
and derivative products across a range
of asset classes, including equities,
credit and commodities.


Avalon Capital Markets has a well-developed network of liquidity providers coupled with street wide relationships offering valuable knowledge and insight. Avalon employ experienced staff with both buy and sell-side experience providing intelligent trading ideas and market coverage.

Avalon Capital Markets covers institutions across the globe, including investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers, pension funds and large corporates.


Avalon has a wide and diversified network of business associates allowing us to deliver great market insight, trade ideas and market liquidity.

Cash Equity

As an appointed representative of Louis Capital Markets, Avalon can execute cash equity trades throughout the world, using market leading algorithms and strategies to provide best execution on every trade. Avalon has extensive market coverage in both liquid and illiquid stocks at competitive prices. Supported by our unique research product and a growing technology infrastructure, Avalon’s equity team provide added value at every opportunity.

Equity Derivatives

As an appointed representative of Louis Capital Markets, Avalon strives to offer the best service, execution, prices and liquidity in numerous listed and OTC products. Our team’s major focus is on volatility and dividend trading, covering all the major European indices and a range of Delta One products.


As an appointed representative of Louis Capital Markets, Avalon provides pricing and execution in a range of credit derivatives products from Credit Default Swaps (CDS) to Options & Tranches on Itraxx Indices. On the CDS side, we cover Investment Grade and High yield corporate names as well as Financials. Options are on Itraxx Indices such as Europe, Xover & Financial Senior and have a tenor of up to 3-6months.


Through a partnership with AlphaValue SA, based in Paris, customers can access robust and consistent equity research.  AlphaValue’s team of 25 analysts – each with an average of over 20 years’ experience – produce fundamental equity research on a bottom-up basis, covering 462 Pan-European securities over 31 sectors and 17 countries.

Founded in 2007, AlphaValue provides financial analysis using a robust homogeneous and transparent methodology, enabling pure and pertinent comparisons based on financial and extra-financial criteria. AlphaValue is free from any conflict of interest and chooses to express its opinions from a minority shareholder/stakeholder standpoint.


Chris Rolt

Managing Partner

Chris heads up Avalon’s Credit team. Prior to founding Avalon, Chris was at Deutsche Bank for two years, covering Hedge Funds and Banks on Credit products across IG and HY/Distressed (Bonds, CDS, structured notes). Prior to this, Chris worked at Credit Suisse for three years and at UBS for four years.

Jean-Yves Aknin

Managing Partner

Jean-Yves manages Avalon’s Cash Equity function. Prior to joining Avalon, he worked at Louis Capital Markets for six years in Cash Equity Sales.

Sacchin Shah

Managing Partner

Sacchin heads up Avalon’s Equity Derivatives team. Prior to founding Avalon, Sacchin was at JP Morgan Proprietary Trading for three years, trading global asset classes. Prior to JP Morgan, he was at Dresdner trading equity derivative single stocks.

Simon Langford

Chief operating officer / MD

Simon manages the day to day functions of Avalon. Prior to joining Avalon, Simon worked at Cantor Fitzgerald for six years. From 2010 he held the position of Chief Operating Officer, Europe and Asia. Simon qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2004.


Avalon is expanding

Avalon is committed to hiring outstanding individuals to grow and expand the business across all asset classes. If you are an experienced broker, we would like to hear from you. We are also interested in individuals or teams working in products and markets not currently covered by Avalon.

For further information on career opportunities at Avalon Capital Markets please contact us:


Avalon Capital Markets Limited,
4th Floor, 130 Wood Street, London, EC2V 6DL.

e info@avaloncapitalmarkets.com
t +44 (0) 20 3060 8888

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Regulatory Statement

Avalon Capital Markets Limited is an Appointed Representative of Louis Capital Markets, LLP, which is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority.